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Punctual, flexible & worldwide installations

ComProject Objektmontage GmbH is your professional installation service provider who installs your exclusive and individual hotel furnishings in craftsmanship quality. We install hotel room furnishings and furniture in the restaurant, lounge, reception, wellness and bar areas with employees who have years of experience and extensive know-how. Upon request, ComProject Objektmontage GmbH also takes over the entire project management.

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ComProject Objektmontage GmbH

ComProject Objektmontage GmbH:

Object installations and project management globally professionally, on-time and flexibly

Since 1997, ComProject Objektmontage GmbH has been acting globally in the installation of hotel facilities, shop and object fittings and construction elements.

Our experienced employees are experts in object furnishings of any type, hotel equipment and shop fitting as well as the exclusive fit-out of villas and apartments. New as well as large national and international projects never present a difficulty for our installation team - just new challenges.

You can count on the professional expertise of our employees even in case of the expert installation of object doors, particularly special doors such as for fire/smoke protection.

The versatility and performance of our installation teams are appreciated, as is the high-quality craftsmanship/carpentry work provided by our employees.

ComProject Objektmontage GmbH is the perfect contact for all of your projects.

Together with our employees and an extensive network of reliable partners, we enjoy facing new and exciting tasks.

ComProject Objektmontage GmbH stands for precision, punctuality, quality and care.


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