Area of competence Marine Interiors:

drapilux offers one of the largest IMO-certified collections of decorative, upholstery fabrics and curtains.

The broad IMO-certified collection meets all the requirements of creative designers and is suitable for guest cabins and public segments such as restaurants, ballrooms or crew areas on board. drapilux stands for intelligent fabrics and with the additional functions drapilux air (air-purifying), drapilux bioactive (antibacterial) and drapilux akustik offers high-quality and functional fabrics with innovative properties for the maritime segment.

Hubert Reinermann

drapilux / Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG

drapilux / Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG:

Decoration- and Upholstery - fabrics with intelligent functions for the contract market

drapilux – Intelligence woven in
drapilux has established itself as one of the leading providers on the international market for fire-retardant curtains and decorative fabrics. The name drapilux represents intelligent textiles, with drapilux air (air-purifying), drapilux bioaktiv (antibacterial) and drapilux akustik offering well-designed, high-quality, functional fabrics with innovative characteristics for commercial furnishings.

drapilux is a trade name of the family-owned Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG. The nearly fully-fledged textile company with production headquarters in Emsdetten is a competent partner for comprehensive textile solutions in the indoor and outdoor sector, and has been for nearly 100 years.


drapilux / Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG
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