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High-quality, printable wool quality especially for shipbuilding

Halbmond has developed a carpet to suit the shipbuilding industry in a premium wool quality. A mix of 80% hard-wearing sheep’s wool and 20% polyamide gives a product with all the best qualities: durable, hard-wearing, comfortable, stain-resistant and flame-retardant. At the same time, it is produced mainly from naturally renewable raw materials that help to save environment. The non-woven viscose backing has acoustic properties that actively support noise absorption, and its direct attachment to the carpet means that there is no need for underlay, something that makes for very easy laying. All this provides a high level of flexibility.

Mario Kölbel

Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH

Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH:

Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH – Quality based on tradition

Quality based on tradition

The name Halbmond has become synonymous with quality based on long-standing traditions for more than 140 years. What began in 1880 with the establishment of a weaving mill for Axminster carpets in Oelsnitz is now an efficient, innovative and international company. The Made in Germany quality seal is both a responsibility and an honour for us at the same time These include traditional values, rich experiences, the latest technology, creative development, social responsibility, and an understanding of cultures, sustainable quality, reliability and the ability to satisfy the most individual demands.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The central maxims of the Halbmond Teppichwerke have always included readiness for innovation and technological development. With one of the first computer-controlled chromojet spray printing systems ever installed, carpets can be printed with individual designs in a wide variety of colours. Halbmond has continuously invested in state-of-the-art technology in order to meet the customers’ highest expectations. State-of-the-art nozzle technology, laser-supported cutting systems or a digital printing machine are examples of the modern equipment that allows Halbmond to react flexibly and quickly to market conditions, set trends and develop market potential.

Sustainability Made in Germany

A good carpet keeps for many years despite tough wear. But it can only do this if it is of the highest quality. Our understanding of quality therefore has a very broad footing and is geared towards the long term. It combines technical, social, ecological and economic issues. It can be measured by embracing traditional values and innovative challenges, intercultural standards and down-to-earth brands: Made in Germany, or if you want to be absolutely precise – Made in Oelsnitz.



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