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"very interesting - development feasible"

A fairly new topic with a lot of relevance.

Working and living, but not living in the work, creating and developing possibilities in the smallest space, where at the end of the working day the professional activity skilfully disappears and integrates into the living space.

This is a concern with the highest standards of expansion.

Achim Kleine

Tischlerei Kleine GmbH

Tischlerei Kleine GmbH:

Contract furnishings, shop fitting, POS sales presentation, shop-in-shop solutions, series production, high-quality interior fittings.

"Why do WE do what we do?"

Because we, as Tischlerei Kleine GmbH, need the challenges to go the way to the goal with our customers in an innovative and imaginative way.

The realisation of ideas, solutions to problems in relation to any furnishing are the building blocks for success.

The team of 18 employees has been involved in the creation of living spaces for more than 40 years.


Tischlerei Kleine GmbH
Asbecker Straße 126
58285 Gevelsberg
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