Innovative aluminium surfaces for interior design and lighting solutions
Functional and design-oriented desk and storage systems
Decoration- and Upholstery - fabrics with intelligent functions for the contract market
Superior quality upholstered furniture, tables and chairs for contract business
High-quality contract carpeting
Innovative designer luminaires for an atmosphere of well-being and healthy living areas
High quality luminaires and lighting solutions for the project business
Premium quality tailor-made period furniture and interior fittings
Front parts and furniture components in wood and lacquer
Thermolaminates – surfaces for furniture, flooring, shipbuilding and interior design
Upholstered and living furniture with smart sleeping functions
Innovative fittings for furniture, kitchens and white goods appliances
Bathroom furniture and ready to assemble kitchen furniture
Furniture parts & accessories and composite materials
PLEXIGLAS® for custom furniture and contemporary interior concepts

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