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Alanod GmbH & Co. KG

Alanod GmbH & Co. KG:

Anodized, lacquered, PVD-treated aluminum surfaces for decorative, technical applications

Alanod is a medium-sized company with around 200 employees and has all the finishing steps in-house. As a finisher of high-quality aluminum surfaces, anodized, PVD-coated and lacquered surfaces are part of our product portfolio. The variety of design options are: high-gloss mirror surfaces, silk-matt surfaces or elegant-looking brushed surfaces are some examples of our wide range that we can also display in color. In addition, we are able to apply various metals such as stainless steel, copper or chrome, so that the surfaces receive the corresponding metallic look, but the basic substrate remains aluminum. This enables weight and cost advantages to be generated. On request, we can also offer our surfaces (one or both sides) with a primer. Treated in this way, our aluminum can be joined to other materials without further treatment steps (e.g. HPL / CPL laminations or aluminum-plastic hybrid components). Printable primer systems are also part of the standard product portfolio. Individualization - made easy! Functional copper surfaces allow viruses, bacteria and germs to die briefly, so that the surface also provides protection against Covid. . Highly reflective surfaces allow the efficient use of light and daylight solutions.

Alanod supplies complex applications. So the aluminum in the furniture, - wall and ceiling, -Laminate panels, - lighting, - automotive, - household appliance industries are used, because the strips and sheets are "ready to use". They do not have to be cleaned and can be provided with appropriate adhesive partners.

Due to an in-house system development, the aluminum strips can be developed into finished components. Our customers determine the vertical depth. Thanks to an excellent network, the components can be glued, back-molded, extruded or provided with lighting solutions. Our team can perform calculations that simulate the likelihood of success using a computer, so that investing in tools does not pose a risk.

As a modern company, Alanod attaches great importance to sustainability. Our products can be recycled and our input material for many applications is CO2 neutral.

Alanod for decorative and functional surfaces.


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